​​What would happen if a practicing educator with over twenty years of experience extracted the key strategies that allowed him to increase student achievement and student learning for the benefit of all educators?  It would provide a starting point for any educator, or education stakeholder to impact their school or school district.

Dr. Crawford has achieved that in Building Instructional Capacity.  He presents the lessons learned and strategies in a clear format.

After discussing the importance of leadership, Dr. Crawford presents the three key strategies for building instructional capacity.

Leadership:  Leadership is important to the success of any endeavor in public education.
Increase Applied Personnel Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities: Possessing knowledge, skill and ability are only the beginning to an increase in student learning and student achievement.  The application piece must be nurtured. 
Improve the Curriculum Program and Supporting Aspects:  Parts of the curriculum program should be given special attention by school and district leadership.            

Provide the Basic Medical, Social, and Emotional Support for Students:  Students should be given the best opportunity to succeed in public education.  When this occurs, it will benefit society as a  whole.          

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Building Instructional Capacity

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